The Umbrella Academy: the intro


So i started The umbrella academy on Netflix and let me tell you, its soooo good! This is the first show that ive basically seen like this but from what ive googled there are many shows that are just like this one that i havent seen. So aside from comparing it to those (cause everyone has to compare it to other things similar to it,which i hate doing). Just enjoy it as a whole individual movie, Granted is it kind of annoyuing when something goes a little too far and it isn’t original. Anyways im getting off topic.

Before i start off i just want yall to know if you havent seen it and plan on it, if yall dont want any spoilers then stop here cause i am going  to go into much detail about every episode i have seen so far. So fair warning **SPOILER ALERT*

ok so im on episode 6: The Day That Wasn’t

This episode consists of:

*Luther telling the group about the end of the world and as to why those people are after number five.

*Klaus give us a glimpse into the past when he went back to war and fell in love.

*Hazel and Cha-Cha get a new assignment

*Number Five gets a new job offer

*Vanya may or may not have just discovered she is special  too

*Diego discovers his mom is back alive

*Allison is still trying to get back home to her daughter before the end of the world in a few days

Now, all of you that havent watched any of this yet will be completely lost now after reading that, But stay tuned i will be putting up more blogs starting with the first episode. I hope most of yall that havent watched it tho will go a watch it before reading my post. It really is a great watch and me blogging about it doesnt do it justice. I promise.