The Weekend 7/13-7/15

Hello bloggers,

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Here in the good ol’ state of ms the weather was nice of the time cloudy later on during the day both Saturday and Sunday. But other then a little stormy weather we had a great weekend.

Let me start off by telling y’all about work Friday that leads up into the weekend.

7/13-Most of y’all are aware that it was Friday the 13th. Laws knows i definitely had a Friday the 13th. First of all i got Luci Kate from daycare the night before with a fever. Go home check it and its 101.7. Goes down some then wake up the next morning and its 102.4 so of course she isn’t able to go to daycare and I’m just seeing how it goes before i take her to the doctor so i take her to my moms. Her house is 45 minutes away from where i live which isn’t too bug of a deal but this is just letting y’all know how my Friday the 13th morning is starting off. Well drop her and mason off (they come go everywhere in pairs haha) then finally make it to work late. So we had a busy day at work cause two people are out. All day rush. Well at end of the day we have a bunch of work to run *side note: i am a teller at a bank in cause no one knew* i try and go run it and i drop a lot of it. So now there is work that’s out of order and messed up and three peoples drawers are bad over or short a lot of money. So we all have to stay late to try and find where everyone’s money could have possibly went and balance out all the work that i got out of order by mistake. TEEHEE!! I cant remember what time we finally left but it was later then usual.

I can finally see the weekend on the horizon.

7/14-Wake up early in the morning fix the kids some breakfast. Luci has all these rash bumps on her so we take her to the doctor. Nurse says shes not sure what it could possibly be. Rashes on her legs, nose, and bumps in her mouth. She tested for strep and that came back negative so that’s good but she said keep an eye on it cause it could possibly be hand foot mouth disease. Well she isn’t running fever and isn’t throwing up and isn’t acting like shes in any discomfort so i take her mason to my moms cause i have plan to go to a close friend of mines house.

7/14 2pm

I make it to my friends place. He just recently bought a house on 20 acres of land so he took me out there and showed me around. It was real fun and i had a good time. We walked a little down a path. He showed me the inside of the house all around the outside, his barn, shed, etc. We stayed out there a good couple of hours. We finally headed back to his apartment where we just chilled for a little while before hitting up the pool. It was overcast so the sun wasn’t bright out but it wasn’t storming. We stayed out by the pool for a good while just relaxing and talking and getting to know each other more. My friend and i just recently started to know each other and we don’t really get to see each other but once a week due to distance and me having kids and what not. But i think that’s good not to over do it with seeing someone at the beginning of what could possibly be a forever thing.

so after that we went and ate and just went back to his house and chilled

7/15. I pick the kids up from moms and Lucis rash looks worse. I get some cream they prescribed to her and it’s not helping. I send some photos over to the daycare teacher (retired nurse) and she feels like it’s hand foot mouth so now luci isn’t able to go to school until Wednesday. I’m gonna post some pictures to get yalls opinion. I didn’t ever take her back to the doctor cause i believe that’s it and there really isn’t anything you can do. If it is that and if anyone has experience with it please feel free to give your opinion and tips on what to do thanks!!