Big Little Lies


So i finally finished big little lies and let me tell you, it was good. I don’t really like how it ended. I wish i could have heard how she told her story (even tho we heard it all through out the book) i wanted to hear the mans story. I guess im just always disappointed  when i end a good  book because of just that. Its over. Another good book crossed off the list. If y’all haven’t read it yet i definitely recommend it. I haven’t watched the series yet but i plan to.

I like how the book gives everyone’s back ground through out the whole book. Im not sure who my favorite character is because i love a little bit of everyone.

Jane-I think i like her a lot because i can relate to her. I am a single mom. I do have TWO kids tho and i do know who the father is, but being a single mom and trying to make life work, i just get her.

Madeline- She like the big sister or mom. Shell stick up for you and have your back and wont be afraid to give her opinion and tell you how it is. I like that about her. I also like that she isn’t rich which makes me feel like i can relate more to her.

Celeste- I love her! i feel for her and my heart breaks for her two boys. I’ve never been in an abusive relationship and i cant even imagine what people go thru. My heart goes out to anyone dealing with that. I love how she is so in love with her husband but hate that she is so stuck about staying cause everything about him is perfect except the bad temper.