Hello everyone

This is my first blog. I plan to be posting movie reviews of all the movies I attend, good or bad. Haha i love to watch a good movie. Hate to watch a bad movie, but ill still go and see whatever just to get my own opinion. I love to discuss movies and hear other peoples opinion on what they think. A really good movie to one, could be disastrous to another.

I’m just going to tell y’all about myself a little before i start reviewing. I am 25 years old and have two kids, one and two. A boy (2) and a girl (1). Ill probably throw them in here every now and then. They are my world. I am a free spirit fun loving country girl. I love reading and watching movies and getting to know new things and see new places. Haha it sounds like I’m trying to fill out my bio on a dating app. Goodness! anyways enough about me. I’m new here so feel free to ask me anything