The Umbrella Academy: the intro


So i started The umbrella academy on Netflix and let me tell you, its soooo good! This is the first show that ive basically seen like this but from what ive googled there are many shows that are just like this one that i havent seen. So aside from comparing it to those (cause everyone has to compare it to other things similar to it,which i hate doing). Just enjoy it as a whole individual movie, Granted is it kind of annoyuing when something goes a little too far and it isn’t original. Anyways im getting off topic.

Before i start off i just want yall to know if you havent seen it and plan on it, if yall dont want any spoilers then stop here cause i am going  to go into much detail about every episode i have seen so far. So fair warning **SPOILER ALERT*

ok so im on episode 6: The Day That Wasn’t

This episode consists of:

*Luther telling the group about the end of the world and as to why those people are after number five.

*Klaus give us a glimpse into the past when he went back to war and fell in love.

*Hazel and Cha-Cha get a new assignment

*Number Five gets a new job offer

*Vanya may or may not have just discovered she is special  too

*Diego discovers his mom is back alive

*Allison is still trying to get back home to her daughter before the end of the world in a few days

Now, all of you that havent watched any of this yet will be completely lost now after reading that, But stay tuned i will be putting up more blogs starting with the first episode. I hope most of yall that havent watched it tho will go a watch it before reading my post. It really is a great watch and me blogging about it doesnt do it justice. I promise.


It’s been a while

How guys. It’s been a while since I’ve been in here. Just a quick little update. Me and that guy that we’re seeing each other are officially dating. It happened back in October and i couldn’t be more happy. The kids love him just as much as i do. Also i started renting a house of my own. I was living with a girl. Finally found the perfect house for me and the kids (: so a little about the guy I’m dating. He’s a boxer and he does mma. He has a fight coming up this weekend. I hope he does great of course. He gets really down on himself when he doesn’t win but i mean who doesn’t. I think across the bored most people on average do that. So maybe i realize why i don’t do these blogs all the time. I’m really bad at them. I love getting my ideas and thoughts down on “paper” but I’m very short and to the point. Not very detailed. Probably the most boring blogs y’all read haha. Anyways guess it’s bye for now 😘😘

Movie night 7-16-18

Last night i took mason to the movies for the first time and it went great. (: he’s two about to turn three in September and i never really knew when a good time to take kids to the movie is. Well we went just the two of us last night and it went great. He sat there and watched the movie perfectly. Didn’t act up and try and get out of his seat.

The movie was really cute as well (: i love all the other hotel Transylvania movies and this one was just as cute! They go on vacation and the dad falls in love and “blah blah blah”. Haha. I really would recommended everyone to see it. Even if you don’t have children (:

The Rain

The Rain is a good series to watch if you are into the whole apocalyptic stuff.

Its based on these friends trying to survive after something has contaminated the rain and every time it rains if it touches you you get infected and dye.

There is a love story.

there is drama.

There is some crazy shit that happens that makes you say “Really??”

It was a good one  not like the best in the world but i definitely would recommend people to what it.


Big Little Lies


So i finally finished big little lies and let me tell you, it was good. I don’t really like how it ended. I wish i could have heard how she told her story (even tho we heard it all through out the book) i wanted to hear the mans story. I guess im just always disappointed  when i end a good  book because of just that. Its over. Another good book crossed off the list. If y’all haven’t read it yet i definitely recommend it. I haven’t watched the series yet but i plan to.

I like how the book gives everyone’s back ground through out the whole book. Im not sure who my favorite character is because i love a little bit of everyone.

Jane-I think i like her a lot because i can relate to her. I am a single mom. I do have TWO kids tho and i do know who the father is, but being a single mom and trying to make life work, i just get her.

Madeline- She like the big sister or mom. Shell stick up for you and have your back and wont be afraid to give her opinion and tell you how it is. I like that about her. I also like that she isn’t rich which makes me feel like i can relate more to her.

Celeste- I love her! i feel for her and my heart breaks for her two boys. I’ve never been in an abusive relationship and i cant even imagine what people go thru. My heart goes out to anyone dealing with that. I love how she is so in love with her husband but hate that she is so stuck about staying cause everything about him is perfect except the bad temper.

Big little lies

So i know i said i would get on here a discuss movies that I’ve watched. But right now I’m reading the book Big Little Lies and i am in love. Right now I’m at the part where Jane finds out that her good friends husband is the mad that she had a one night stand with and got her pregnant. Of course she never told him that he got her pregnant so not she randomly meet the guys wife and they become really good friends. Very shocking (: