Big little lies

So i know i said i would get on here a discuss movies that I’ve watched. But right now I’m reading the book Big Little Lies and i am in love. Right now I’m at the part where Jane finds out that her good friends husband is the mad that she had a one night stand with and got her pregnant. Of course she never told him that he got her pregnant so not she randomly meet the guys wife and they become really good friends. Very shocking (:


Hello everyone

This is my first blog. I plan to be posting movie reviews of all the movies I attend, good or bad. Haha i love to watch a good movie. Hate to watch a bad movie, but ill still go and see whatever just to get my own opinion. I love to discuss movies and hear other peoples opinion on what they think. A really good movie to one, could be disastrous to another.

I’m just going to tell y’all about myself a little before i start reviewing. I am 25 years old and have two kids, one and two. A boy (2) and a girl (1). Ill probably throw them in here every now and then. They are my world. I am a free spirit fun loving country girl. I love reading and watching movies and getting to know new things and see new places. Haha it sounds like I’m trying to fill out my bio on a dating app. Goodness! anyways enough about me. I’m new here so feel free to ask me anything