It’s been a while

How guys. It’s been a while since I’ve been in here. Just a quick little update. Me and that guy that we’re seeing each other are officially dating. It happened back in October and i couldn’t be more happy. The kids love him just as much as i do. Also i started renting a house of my own. I was living with a girl. Finally found the perfect house for me and the kids (: so a little about the guy I’m dating. He’s a boxer and he does mma. He has a fight coming up this weekend. I hope he does great of course. He gets really down on himself when he doesn’t win but i mean who doesn’t. I think across the bored most people on average do that. So maybe i realize why i don’t do these blogs all the time. I’m really bad at them. I love getting my ideas and thoughts down on “paper” but I’m very short and to the point. Not very detailed. Probably the most boring blogs y’all read haha. Anyways guess it’s bye for now 😘😘

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